25 Best Free Food Apps Satisfy Your Hunger and Save Cash with These Top Loyalty Rewards Programs

free food apps

Our list of the top free food apps will help you satisfy your hunger and save cash. Find the loyalty rewards programs that’s right for you.

Are you looking to satisfy your hunger while also saving some cash? Look no further! Our list of the 25 best free food apps is here to help. By downloading these apps, you can access fantastic loyalty rewards programs that will not only fill your stomach but also keep your wallet happy. Discover the top apps that offer free food, discounts, and special deals that you won’t want to miss out on.

Everybody likes free food. Especially these days, when food is more expensive than ever.

But luckily, its also easier than ever to get free food or a free drink. All you need is the right rewards app. 

Whether youre looking to score a free doughnut or a free burger and fries at your favorite restaurant, here are the best food apps to put on your mobile phone.

The Best Free Food Apps

Here are the 25 top free food apps available today.

1. Starbucks 

The Starbucks Rewards app is sweeter than a vanilla latte. Its also one of the most popular restaurant rewards programs of all time.

Download the Starbucks app and open an account to start collecting points, or Stars. Youll receive one to three Stars for every dollar you spend at any Starbucks location. To maximize your Star earnings, pay with a Starbucks Card preloaded with your Starbucks Rewards Visa.

You can apply your Stars toward free food items, drinks, and other perks. You can start redeeming awards once youve collected 25 Stars.

2. Chipotle

Heres a spicy free food app! Download the Chipotle app and sign up for the Chipotle Rewards program to start collecting points. Youll get ten points for every $1 that you spend through the app (excluding alcohol, gift cards, gear, taxes, fees, and tips). Youll also get free chips and guacamole just for signing up.

You can save up your points to use on the Chipotle Rewards Exchange. Rewards include free menu items, sustainably-made clothes and accessories, and charitable donations.

3. McDonalds 

When it comes to fast food, McDonalds always hits the spot — especially when its free. 

Download the McDonalds app on your phone, sign up for MyMcDonalds Rewards, and automatically earn a free large order of fries. You can practically taste them already, right? 

After you make your first app order, youll receive an offer for a free cheeseburger, McChicken, vanilla ice cream, or order of hash browns. And for every dollar you spend, youll get 100 MyMcDonalds Rewards points. Collect 6,000 points and you could receive a free Big Mac or Happy Meal.

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps around. And if you sign up for Uber Rewards, you can start earning points every time you use Uber Eats or even request an Uber ride. 

Once you receive 2,500 points, you can get a free Uber Eats meal valued at $25. Or, if you collect 8,000 points, youll get 50% off all Uber Eats orders for a month — a great option for frequent Uber users. 

5. Burger King 

Heres a Whopper of a deal: Burger Kings Royal Perks program gives users ten points, or Crowns, for every $1 they spend at participating restaurants using the Burger King app. This offer is also available through BK.com.

As an added bonus, youll get double Crowns on eligible purchases made during your birthday month. Every day, you can also upsize one order of fries, hash browns, soda, or coffee for free.

6. Dunkin Donuts 

Dunkin fans will enjoy DD Perks. This program pays five points for every $1 spent. DD Perks users also get exclusive bonus offers for earning additional points.

Once you save 200 points, youll get a free coffee or other hot or cold drink. This is an excellent option for people who need their morning Dunkin fix.

7. Chick-fil-A

The Chick-fil-A app features a tiered rewards program called Chick-fil-A One. This loyalty program starts by giving you ten points for every dollar you spend at Chick-fil-A restaurants. But as you continue to Eat Mor Chikin, youll move up to higher tiers. 

To reach the highest level, Silver, youll need to earn 10,000 points per year. At this level, youll earn thirteen points per dollar. At any time, you can cash out rewards to earn free menu items.

8. Panera Bread

If youre ready for a carb overload (and who isnt?) Panera Bread offers the MyPanera program. You can sign up when you download the restaurant app.

New MyPanera members get a free pastry and free delivery for 30 days. Youll also earn personalized rewards based on your purchasing habits. 

And if youre a pro Panera customer, for $8.99 per month you can sign up for a MyPanera+ coffee subscription and get unlimited cups of Joe.

9. Quiznos

Quiznos offers the Toasty Points loyalty program, which gives you one point for every $1 spent. You can either order through the app or scan your receipt to earn points.

Once you earn twenty points, youll get a free regular drink. And seventy points will give you a free eight-inch sub or full salad. 

10. Dairy Queen

If youre a true-blue Blizzard fanatic, youll love earning rewards with the Dairy Queen app. Youll earn one point for every ten cents spent. At 150 points, youll receive a coupon for a free regular fries or onion rings. And 300 points will earn you a free shake.

But high achievers (or total sweet tooths) who save 2,500 points will get a free DQ or Blizzard Cake. Thats downright delicious.

11. Krispy Kreme

Speaking of sweet tooths, the Krispy Kreme app offers a great rewards program that will pay you in free donuts.

Get this: You can get a free donut just for signing up. Over time, you can track your purchases through the Krispy Kreme mobile app and increase your chances of earning other tasty treats.  

12. Baskin Robbins 

Ice cream lovers, rejoice! Baskin Robbins will give you a free scoop just for downloading its app and signing up for mobile deals. Who wouldnt go for some free ice cream?

The app also offers exclusive deals to its members. You can even use the app to send the gift of ice cream to your friends.

13. Taco Bell 

You know the drill by now. Download the Taco Bell app, order food, and get points. 

Youll get ten points for every $1 you spend at Taco Bell. And youll earn a reward for every 250 points you collect. The more you spend, the more rewards you earn. And you just cant beat free tacos. 

14. Chilis 

The My Chilis Rewards program offers a variety of fun rewards like free meals for kids, free desserts, and free appetizers. You can also get a free dessert on your birthday, access to free WiFi, and a one-tap reorder option for your favorite treats. 

Track and redeem rewards through the Chilis app and scan your phone on your tables Ziosk to cash in. Its that simple.

15. Sonic

If youre a big fan of the drive-in chain and its roller-skating carhops, youll love Sonics loyalty program. To start collecting rewards, download the Sonic app and start ordering. 

Every month, youll receive a special rewards offer for free food. And you can also use the app to get half-priced drinks anytime you order ahead.

16. Steak ‘n Shake 

Steak ‘n Shake offers Rewards Club, a loyalty app that lets users collect and manage rewards, place orders, and receive offers on their phones. How good does a free milkshake sound right about now?

Heres how it works: Make a qualified purchase at Steak ‘n Shake and earn a point for every $1 you spend. Once you rack up fifty points, youll receive a $5 reward you can apply to future items. Suffice it to say this is a great option for ice cream and burger fans.

17. Wendys 

Of course, if you love burgers, you really cant go wrong with Wendys. And now you can get free food just for making everyday purchases with the Wendys app. 

Download the Wendys app, order food, and earn ten points for every $1 you spend. Rewards range from a small Frosty (150 points) to a Baconator or full-size salad (700 points). The more money you spend, the faster youll get your free reward.

18. Auntie Annes

Few can resist hot, salty pretzels from Auntie Annes. And now you can get free food through the Pretzel Perks app after you make your first order. 

Heres how it works: The app gives you ten points for every dollar you spend. Once you reach 250 points, youll get a free pretzel! Whats more, youll also get rewards and exclusive offers. Youll even get a birthday treat. 

19. Buffalo Wild Wings 

For a red-hot rewards program, join the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin Rewards herd. Earn points by checking in and ordering items. You can redeem those points on food and merchandise. Is there a Wing Night in your future?

20. Applebees 

The Applebees app offers great rewards to members of Club Applebees. Join today and start earning exclusive deals for everyones favorite neighborhood bar and grill.

21. Baja Fresh 

For great deals on Mexican food, sign up for Baja Freshs Club Baja. Simply create an account and use the app to earn one point for every $1 you spend. Baja Fresh is currently running a promotion for new members that will give you fifty bonus points just for joining. 

22. Culvers 

If you live in the Midwest, chances are you cant get enough of Culvers. Now frequent customers can rack up rewards through the MyCulvers loyalty program and get great offers and discounts. 

23. IHOP

Pancake lovers should head over to IHOPs MyHop rewards program for free pancakes and easy online ordering. Plus, youll get member-only news and deals through the service. Simply sign up and start collecting! 

24. Jimmy Johns

Sign up for Jimmy Johns Freaky Fast Rewards and earn rewards every time you order. Youll get sides, sandwiches, and other fun items just by being a customer.

25. Zaxbys

If youre a fan of chicken, join the Zax Fanz Club, a rewards program that turns online orders and in-person purchases into free food. 

Collect some great returns just for eating some old-fashioned American comfort food. Yee-haw! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants give you free food when you download their apps?

Several of the restaurants on our list give customers free food just for downloading their apps. For example, Chipotle will give you a free order of chips and guacamole when you sign up.

How can I get free food online?

To get free food online, sign up for any of the loyalty rewards programs on our list today. In no time, youll be on your way to earning free menu items.

Can I get free burgers through rewards apps?

Many restaurants offer free burgers just for signing up, making purchases, and collecting rewards points. Poke around and see if your favorite burger joint has a loyalty program. It might just be your lucky day. 

The Bottom Line 

Who doesnt love free food from their favorite restaurant? There are many restaurant and delivery apps that let you earn tasty rewards.

However, before you select a rewards app and make a purchase, remember that this approach can get expensive. After all, many restaurants require you to order a lot of food before earning a freebie. 

Ordering food can quickly send you over your budget — making it harder to achieve your long-term financial objectives. Even small purchases like fast food can quickly add up over time. You could potentially go broke if youre not careful. 

Most people who are financially independent eat at home most nights instead of going out and spending a ton of money. Remember, reaching financial independence isnt easy. It requires avoiding impulse purchases in favor of more frugal decisions. 

With a little discipline, you can learn to start saving more money. Over time, your savings and investments will compound, and you can dine in style more often.

Heres to staying healthy and eating well on your journey to financial freedom.

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free food apps

free food apps

free food apps