The Game-Changing Benefits of Vaccine Passports for Travelers

vaccine passports

Discover the incredible perks of vaccine passports for travel and learn how they can revolutionize your future trips. With vaccine passports, reward travelers can conveniently book flights to various destinations without the need for lengthy quarantines. Find out if a vaccine passport is all you need to make your next trip hassle-free.

Discover the incredible perks of vaccine passports for travel and learn how they can revolutionize your future trips. With vaccine passports, reward travelers can conveniently book flights to various destinations without the need for lengthy quarantines. Find out if a vaccine passport is all you need to make your next trip hassle-free!

Dear Cashing In: I really want to use my rewards points to travel internationally soon. Is it true that Ill need to have a vaccine passport in order to book my flights?—Kellee

Dear Kellee,

Its great that youre planning to use your credit card rewards points to book international travel soon—and your question about vaccination passports is very timely.

Its true that vaccine passports will likely play a critical role in the future of international travel—but you dont need to have a vaccine passport right now in order to book a flight for future international travel.

As more and more people are getting vaccinated around the world every day, were once again starting to see COVID travel restrictions shift. While some airlines may require a specific vaccine passport in the near future, right now proof of vaccine is growing in popularity as an alternative to lengthy and expensive quarantines and even some testing requirements.

For reward travelers like us, this proof of vaccine option translates into more destinations where we could possibly use our points for visiting—without quarantine—sooner rather than later. Isnt that good news!

What is a vaccine passport?

A vaccine passport is essentially a digital document that verifies you have been inoculated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  Just like you need to carry your actual passport to prove your identity when you travel internationally, a vaccine passport proves your COVID status and history.

While COVID vaccine travel passports and mobile apps for tracking vaccination data are new—particularly in the west—the idea of international proof of vaccination for travel has been around a long time, since 1933 in fact. If youve ever traveled to Africa, for example, youve likely had to be vaccinated against yellow fever and carried a yellow card to show with your passport upon arrival.

Vaccine passports for COVID take this same concept to a new level in mobile apps and will likely be required for entry into different countries and for flights on some international airlines.

What do vaccine passports mean for rewards travelers?

The biggest positive implication of vaccine passports on reward travelers is simple: more places where youll be able to use your points to travel again soon!

The negative implication: Vaccine passports are another new system youll have to navigate for both the airline with which youre flying and for the destination youre visiting. But more on that in a bit—good news first.

Where can I use my reward points to travel now?

The best news about vaccine passports is that we can actually use the points weve been saving from our favorite travel credit cards through a whole year of COVID to go to amazing places once again (or as soon as two weeks after you received a vaccine, of course).

Proof of vaccine has already made it possible for borders to open once again for Americans to Belize, Ecuador, Georgia (the country), Ireland, Lebanon, the Seychelles and Thailand (to name a few). And its likely that more and more countries will be joining this list soon—or may have already re-opened by the time you read this.

Of course, each of these countries will still have its own entrance requirements. Some countries will still require negative COVID-19 tests upon entry or special visa requirements, so youll have to thoroughly check out the destination details—even if youve already been vaccinated.

Want to travel to Thailand now? If you have proof of vaccine and have applied for a visa in advance, youll be able to skip the 16-day mandatory quarantine for incoming travelers. And since there isnt a lot of traffic to Bangkok these days, youll likely have a better chance of scoring an award ticket with your credit card points. A quick search on right now shows lots of award availability in the next months in all three classes of service starting at 37,500 AAdvantage miles for main cabin, 70,000 for business class and 110,000 miles for first.

For domestic travel, vaccination passports will likely not be mandatory, but they could be helpful for travel to cities and states that are imposing quarantine restrictions. For example, its rumored that Hawaii will begin to allow travelers to and between the islands to bypass quarantine requirements with proof of vaccine in May.

How to do your homework

While proof of vaccination is helping more destinations open up, the evolving nature of vaccination passports leaves a lot of ambiguity for travelers trying to navigate the space. If youre already planning international travel youll need to be doing the research on vaccine requirements for both the destination(s) youve visiting and transiting through, as well as the requirements of the airline(s) youre flying. From what we know now, different airlines and different countries are trying different digital vaccine passport programs—you might need more than one app.

As a rewards points traveler youll want to pay special attention if youre booking international travel with miles on one airline that includes codeshare flights on a partner airline. For example, if I use American Airlines AAdvantage miles earned on my AAdvantage® Aviator® Red World Elite Mastercard® to book that flight to Thailand on a Japan Airlines operated aircraft, Ill need to check out the requirements for both airlines and any airports I need to transit in route to be safe.

Requirements affect vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers

If you are unable to get a vaccine or not planning to yet, but youre still thinking about booking travel, youll need to do your homework and take vaccine passport requirements into consideration before you book any flights.

The bottom line

Though we dont know everything about vaccine passports because they are still in their early stages of development, we do know one thing for sure. Vaccine passports have the potential to open borders and play a critical role in our return to the world of international reward travel.

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vaccine passports

vaccine passports

vaccine passports