Unlock the Full Potential of Your Website with Weebly Pricing and Plans 2022

Weebly Pricing and Plans 2022

Our Weebly pricing guide covers all four Weebly plans, their costs, and how to decide which one is best for you.

Discover all four Weebly plans and their costs in our comprehensive pricing guide for 2022. Learn how to choose the perfect Weebly plan that suits your needs and make an informed decision to unlock the full potential of your website. Stay ahead of the competition with Weebly’s powerful features and affordable pricing.

If youre looking for the right home for your website — whether an online portfolio or e-commerce business — you may want to consider Weebly. Weebly stands out from the competition because its plans enable you to sell products online, and it offers a totally free plan.

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Pricing overview

Before diving into the details of what each Weebly plan entails, here’s a brief overview of all four pricing plans.

Keep in mind, Weebly first lists its prices according to an annual billing schedule, since that saves you money over time. If youre not ready to commit to an annual billing schedule, you do have the option of paying month-to-month for a slightly larger monthly fee.

Weebly plans

Now, lets get more granular about the features available on each Weebly plan. Obviously, the more expensive the plan, the more features you get.

But heres a cool thing: All four plans are equipped with e-commerce capabilities powered by Square, its parent company — even the free plan. (But of course, the more expensive the plan gets, the more advanced the e-commerce features.) You can choose Stripe, PayPal or Square as your payment gateway, all of which integrate directly into your website.

An important point of differentiation among these four Weebly plans is that the two cheapest plans (Free and Personal) display advertisements on your website. Theres nothing inherently wrong with that, but it definitely looks less streamlined and professional than a website without ads. Its really a question of personal preference, as well as your goals for your website (and your business).


Many people wonder, “Is Weebly free?” And the answer is: Yes, if your business website needs are minimal. Weeblys Free plan is suitable for newbies, dabblers, experimenters and the generally commitment-phobic (when it comes to making a website, at least). With this plan, you get a basic business website, basic online selling tools and basic marketing tools. Of course, your website will look beautiful and be easy to build, thanks to Weeblys professionally designed website templates and drag-and-drop website-building interface.

Site features

  • Free SSL security.

  • Advanced site analytics.

  • Site search.

  • The option to add an embed code to link your Instagram feed.

E-commerce features

  • Shopping cart.

  • Items, item badges, item options and quick shop.

  • Inventory management.

  • In-store pickup.

  • Automatic tax calculator.

  • Coupons.

  • Square gift cards.

Marketing features

  • SEO tools.

  • Lead capture.

  • Linked Instagram feed.


  • Chat, email and phone support.

  • Community forum.

Its important to note that the Free plan doesnt allow you to connect with your own domain name, even if you already bought it through another registrar. Instead, your websites domain name will include “.weebly.com.” As with the advertisements caveat, this isnt necessarily a bad thing, but it does sacrifice a little bit of professionalism — so this is a better choice for purely personal websites, as opposed to business websites.


For $6 per month paid annually (or $9 per month paid monthly), Weeblys Personal plan gets you all the same features as the Free plan. In this case, however, you can connect to your own, custom domain name. So if youve already bought a domain name that youd like to transfer, you want the option to buy one (and use it) or if youre planning on growing your business, then you should definitely consider this plan over the Free plan.

However, this plan displays ads on your website as well, so its still not the most professional plan you can get with Weebly.


Heres where Weeblys really business-friendly plans come into play. At $12 per month billed annually (or $16 billed monthly), this plan is the best choice for freelancers, new entrepreneurs and very small-business owners hoping to build a branded website.

With Weeblys Professional plan, you get everything included in the Personal plan, plus the following:

Site features

  • Unlimited storage.

  • Password protection.

E-commerce features

  • Shipping calculator.

All the marketing and support features are the same on this plan as they are on the Personal plan.

Importantly, this plan gets you a custom domain name free for one year, if you choose to pay annually. After that year is up, youll have to pay the standard rate for the use of your domain name.

This plan also removes ads from your website, which makes your website look much cleaner (and, yes, more professional).


At $26 per month paid annually (or $29 per month paid monthly), Performance is the most advanced of the Weebly plans. This plan offers all the features included in the Professional plan — including a custom domain (free for one year) and an ad-free website — plus:

E-commerce features

  • Item reviews.

  • Shipping labels.

  • Shipping discount.

  • Abandoned cart emails.

Marketing features

  • Advanced e-commerce insights.


  • Priority support.

Perhaps the most substantive difference here is the advanced e-commerce tools. So this is the best choice not only for growing businesses but also for businesses seeking a fully functional online store.

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Weebly Pricing and Plans 2022

Weebly Pricing and Plans 2022

Weebly Pricing and Plans 2022